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Curriculum Vitae Javier Garcia Monedero

– actualidad: President (CEO) ITSMYMONEY S.L.

From the perspective of the client our mission is to educate customers both individuals and companies on the three basic lines of financial planning: Cost saving, risk protection and long term investment.

As we are a sales force centered company our primary mission is to serve individuals who want to set up their own distribution business in the three areas mentioned above.
Specifically we offer individuals or companies who already lead a sales force, to incorporate themselves into our company or to use our platform and our service to manare their sales force.

As part of the mission of the company we produce materials for financial education and planning addressed to middle class families and individuals by three main ways:
– A series of articles called Finance School in Diario Abierto
– On line conferences, debates..
– Publication of books such as «Como funciona el dinero» published in Apple Bookstore.

In parallel, we contribute to public debate on non-monetary solutions to the current financial crisis via articles in the prestigious economic newspaper Cinco Dias

PRESIDENT (CEO) Prieurope Financial Limited

Built and managed the largest Financial Agent network in Spain – over 50% of all registered members in the country

Built a customer portfolio of 45000 accounts generating €15MM annual revenue
Full P&L responsibility and general management authority
Huge social impact through 56.000 part timers who presented financial planning concepts (Correct investment and true protection crusade) to more than 500.000 potential clients (estimated)
Member of Citigroup’s Country Coordinating Committee.
See video of huge 2006 Convention in


As CEO of one of the companies of Citigroup in Spain my role was to represent the company in that committee, the local equivalent to a board of directors. The role of the committee was to assist the head of the committee in managing the public image of the group, control reputational risks, identify synergies and cross sale opportunities among the different businesses…


Recommended and drove expansion of Primerica Financial Services into Spain after Citicorp / Travelers merger

Designed regional sales process for Retail Banking using «best of breed» approach with unique upgrades. Implemented in 6 countries with over 600 branches and 3000 FTEs

Ongoing monitoring and auditing of sales activities in each of 20 markets; representing EMEA in global Citi activities
This position and two previous ones, included active participation and leadership in the global Citibank consumer strategy called Citibanking

Tripled average branch sales without any increase in sales commissions, using coaching and recognition techniques

Doubled number of branches in the region without FTE increase by redefining functions and redeploying HQ FTE / personnel
Improved both customer and employee satisfaction ratings in the proces

Citibank Spain Retail Bank MARKETING MANAGER

Designed and launched first T-Bill account in Spain, generating sales over €550MM while also saving the bank €19MM in deposit insurance fees
Designed and implemented local version of global Citibanking strategy (Model Branch, ATM’s, Citiphone, On-Line banking..)
Designed and implemented first unified Customer Relationship Management system
Represented Spain in Citibank Global Marketing and Sales Committees


 Acquired 75 new Private Banking Customers for the London, Luxembourg;


Managed the bank’s participation in over 150 syndicated loans including obtaining invitations, project evaluation and credit recommendation, monitoring, credit default management and finally portfolio sale
Managed relationships with UAE Central Bank as a privileged source of funding for bank’s loan portfolio
Managed relationship with local banks with whom Banco Urquijo played a role of risk broker between them and international banks
Introduced Spanish companies belonging to Banco Urquijo’s industrial portfolio seeking investment or export opportunities in the Gulf area
Negotiated "hard-to-collect" debt repayments of $6MM

Nombre de la empresa Spanish Embassy in Baghdad (Irak) CHANCELLOR Spanish Embassy, Baghdad

Managed all consular affairs – registry of nationals, visas, marriages, deaths, repatriations, etc.
Served as Arabic translator between Iraqi and Spanish Ministers during official visits
Established "special relationship" with top political, cultural and religious leaders in the community
In charge of administrative management of the Embassy
Led emergency repatriation of all Spanish citizens during Iran – Iraq war